How to Run a Successful Remote Board Meeting

As a board member, you’re accountable for crucial decisions that determine the future of your business or organization. The decisions you make are typically taken during a meeting with your fellow board members, and it’s important that everyone in the room is fully engaged and focused. If your board meeting is held in a remote location, it can be difficult to keep everyone’s focus. This article will help you understand how to organize a remote meeting which will increase your board’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Ensure that all participants have access to the meeting details as well as the documents and information they require to perform their duties. Consider sharing documents ahead of time, so that people can go through them prior to the meeting. This will reduce the need for people to ask questions that can be answered by simply going through the document they already have access to.

Use slides that transition to highlight important details at the start of your meeting. This could include the consent agenda along with action items and financial reports. This will help organize your meeting and keeps the conversation flowing.

Encourage people to speak when they need to encourage participation. This can be accomplished by calling the roll and announce everyone’s presence. It’s also best to avoid scheduling meetings around meal times to avoid people eating on camera or distracting others in the room.

Conduct a tech check prior to the beginning of the meeting to avoid interruptions and technical issues that can waste time. It’s not common for people to overlook this step, so send an alert to everyone to guide them through the process of examining their microphones, software and cameras prior to when the meeting begins.